Regular Manicure - $13

French Manicure - $18

Renew your hands with a natural soak, shaping & buffing, and delicate cuticle cut. Our manicures include our natural homemade Natty Butter and the option of Non-Toxic Nail Polish such as Zoya, and VinyLux. Also available we have the extended wear brands: Essie Couture and OPI infinite shine for an even longer chip free manicure.


Please note Essie Couture & OPI infinite shine cost $2 extra for manicure and $3 extra for manicure & pedicure.


Gel manicure - CND Shellac & Bio SeaWeed Gel - $25

French Gel Manicure - $30

Our Gel manicures get done through a dry manicure process (same as regular mianucre without the soak). Why? You may ask. Research shows that wetting your nails will result in the gel polish curing and settling onto a wet nail bed. This can also result in trapping moisture.


We end the gel manicure by hydrating the cuticles with cuticle oil and a relaxing hand massage.


CND Shellac is a brand that lasts 2+ weeks. Easy to remove (within 5 minutes - try it for yourself) and applies thin.


Bio SeaWeed Gel is a new gel that is Big-5 Free: No Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, BHA, or Camphor

Vegan Friendly and Cruelty-Free


Buff & Shine Manicure - $18

An even more natural look for your nails! No Polish, but all of the pampering. Includes the same process as our regular manicure except we buff your natural nail to reveal your nails’ natural shine.


SNS Dip Powder - $35

SNS Dip Powder French - $45

An alternative for anyone who’d like to stay away from the UV/LED light. This dip powder lasts 3-4 weeks. (Disclaimer: not the healthiest thing for your nail, ask us for more details).


Regular Pedicure - $16

French Pedicure - $21

Revitalize tired feet with a natural mineral sea salt soak, gentle cuticle cut, buffing, and shaping. Finished with a soothing foot massage with homemade Natty Butter. Please note, both our gels - CND & Bio SeaWeed have exact matches for your regular pedicure.


Gel Pedicure - $35

French Gel Pedicure - $40


Spa Pedicure 1 - $35

Lemon honey Spa Pedicure

Lemon honey Scrub with fresh lemons

Lemon honey Mud Mask

Option of Callus Remover or 10 min. Massage


Spa Pedicure 2 - $45

Lavender Spa Pedicure

Lavender Scrub with fresh lavender

Lavender Mud Mask

Callus Remover

10 min. Massage with hot stones


Spa Pedicure 3 - $55

Green Tea Spa Pedicure

Green Tea Scrub

Green Tea Mud Mask

Callus Remover

20 min. Massage with hot stones


Callus Remover - $10

Polish change - Hands/feet - $8/10

Soak off - Acrylic, Gel, SNS - $10/5/5



Committed to non-toxicity both inside and out.

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